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Centrifugal Pumps
Description Handling clean or slightly contaminated liquids, hot, superheated, acidic and caustic in chemical industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, environmental, steel, textile, etc. Capacity up to 500 m3 /h and heads to 16 bar. Overall dimensions and performances are in accordance to standards ISO 2858/DIN 24256. Materials of construction are numerous, from cast iron to hastelloys. High hydraulic efficiencies and low NPSH requirements. Shaft sealing by packed stuffing box, single or double mechanical seals (ISO 3069/UNI EN 12756) with every installation option per API requirements. Pump casing and seal housing can be provided with heating or cooling chambers, as needed. Units up to 30 kW size can be close coupled, with the addition of a support lantern, to motors with B5 flange. This monoblock design offers great alignment advantages, simplicity of assembly and guarantee of perfect alignment even after transportation. From the TCH series have derived series TCT, TCA and TCD that are designed for very specific pumping applications; all these series utilise many common components. Mechanical Seal TCH pump series and derived series can be fitted with any type of mechanical seal that is unified to the ISO 3069/UNI EN 12756 standards. Single mechanical seals, double mechanical seals in tandem or back to back arrangements can be fitted with flushing systems to API standards. The pump bearing frame offers versatility and plenty of space to also allow fitting special types of mechanical seals that may not have unified dimensions, i.e.: cartridge type seals Materials TCH pumps have many material solutions, starting from cast iron and stainless steel iron up to SAF and Hastelloy. Special Executions ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosive) MOCA (Food Industry)
travaini pompetravaini centrifugal pump ISO 2858 5199
TCH 25-125
TCH 32-125
TCH 25-160
TCH 100-200
TCH 100-250
TCH 100-315
TCH 125-250
TCH 125-315
TCH 200-280
TCH 25-200
TCH 32-200
TCH 50-125
TCH 50-160
TCH 50-200
TCH 50-250
TCH 65-125
TCH 65-200
TCH 65-250
TCH 80-160
TCH 80-200
TCH 80-250
TCH 80-315
TCHM 25-160
TCH 40-200
TCH 300-350
TCH 300-450
TCH 250-450
TCH 40-250
TCH 32-200 (inox)
Description TCD pump series (see cross section below) are specifically designed to handle thermal fluids up to 320˚C without special cooling systems. The heat from the pumped product is greatly blocked by special “heat barrier” chamber located between the pump casing and the impeller. The bearing frame has been especially designed with cooling fins to effectively dissipate the heat coming from the pump casing so that standard, simple and single mechanical seal can be safely used. The rotor is supported with oversized ball bearings of the C3 series that are lubricated with oil of medium viscosity. Pump casings and impellers are the same as for pump series TCH smaller two frames. Materials of construction are Ductile iron or Stainless steel AISI 316. For the latter construction it is possible to have a special seal arrangement “SP” (see page at side). Pump dimensions and characteristics are in accordance to ISO 2858/DIN 24256 standards and are the same as for the correspondent models from the TCH series. Capacity up to 350 m3 /h and head to 10 bar. Special Executions TCD/SP TCD/SP pump series (see cross section below) has been especially designed to handle vegetable oils. The design varies from the standard TCD series only in the mechanical seal area; an intermediate cover has been added beyond the mechanical seal. This intermediate cover should be connected to a reservoir containing oil compatible with the pumped fluid. This device avoids that, in case of mechanical seal breakdown, air can enter into the pump irreparably oxidating the pumped oil or that oil of bearings enter into pumping circuit or vice versa.
TCD 100-200
TCD 100-250
TCD 100-315
TCD 25-125
TCD 25-160
TCD 25-200
TCD 32-125
TCD 32-160
TCD 32-200
TCD 40-125
TCD 40-160
TCD 40-120
TCD 40-200
TCD 50-125
TCD 50-160
TCD 50-200
TCD 50-250
TCD 65-125
TCD 65-160
TCD 65-200
TCD 65-250
TCD 65-315
TCD 80-160
TCD 80-200
TCD 80-250
TCD 80-315
TCH 32-160
TCH 40-125
TCH 40-160
TCH 65-160
TCH 65-315
Description Magnetic drive monostage centrifugal pumps with closed impeller and dimensions according to ISO 2858 standards. Techical details Innovative design and high quality components. High efficiency and reduced power losses. No product leakage to atmosphere (2 static gaskets only). No need for expensive control systems and minimal maintenance cost. Arrangement for control of magnetic coupling temperature and pump vibrations. Easy assembly due to the reduced number of components and to the modular design of the magnetic couplings. Internal lubrication with the pumped liquid. Possibility of retrofitting existing pumps equipped with traditional sealing systems (ie.: Double mechanical seal with flushing from a vessel or other accessories - see at the left figure). Magnetic coupling in SmCo (Samarium - Cobalt). Internal bearing supports are sleeve with bearing in Silicon carbide. Field of applications Chemical and petrochemical processing industries, pharmaceutical and environmental industries, food industries and other services. Suitable for pumping of clean, not abrasive, corrosive, toxic, polluting liquids and with bad odors liquids hot or cold. Special Executions Monoblock mounting to B5 electric motor for best alignment and reduction of the overall dimensions. Cooling or heating of the Pump casing and of the Magnetic coupling. External bearing housing with oil lubricated ball bearings with possibility of cooling.
TCK 25-125
TCK 25-160
TCK 25-200
TCK 32-125
TCK 32-160
TCK 32-200
TCK 40-125
TCK 40-160
TCK 40-250
TCK 50-125
TCK 50-160
TCK 50-250
TCK 65-160
TCK 80-160
TCK 80-200
TCK 40-200
TCK 50-200
TCK 65-200
TCK 10-200
TCK 65-250
TCK 80-250
TCK 50-315
TCK 65-125
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
Description The TRVX series of single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps introduces an innovative project, new performance, greater reliability and is the result of Pompetravaini's experience and feedbacks from end users. The result is a milestone in the design and production of liquid ring vacuum pumps, offering tangible benefits to users. Technical details The new hydraulic profile allows a performance increase over 10% than the traditional liquid ring vacuum pump designs. Increases the efficiency and operational cost savings all over the entire pump life. The pump weight is average 30% less compared with the traditional liquid ring vacuum pump designs with compact supporting components dimensions. This advantage allows installation and transportation costs saving Compact dimensions and volume (L x W x H) 50% less compared with the traditional liquid ring vacuum pump designs. Optimization of factory or plant installation spaces and related costs saving. Single and direct service liquid connection. Easy pump fitting without the use of complicate piping. This ensures a fast and economic pump installation Central body impeller housing with integrated suction and discharge manifolds with compact overall dimensions. This feature reduces pump components and increases robustness. The maintenance and assembly time and costs saving result to be greatly advantaged. The suction and discharge port plates are always in stainless steel allowing a greater reliability trough the time and ensuring stable performances. They never require to be replaced during ordinary maintenance reducing down the spare parts cost.
TRVX 257
TRVX 657
TRVX 1003
TRVX 1005
TRVX 1007
TRVX 1253
TRVX 1255
TRVX 1257
TRVB 40-110
TRVB 40-150
TRVB 50-300
TRV 65-300
TRVA 65-450
TRVB 40-200
TRVB 32-25
Description The TRMX series is the transfer of all the TRVX series basic concepts on the monoblock pumps production. The result is an economical pump with outstanding performance and reliability. The new hydraulic profile design allows a performance increase from 10% to 20% compared with previous series. This increases the efficiency and operational cost savings all over the entire pump life. Compared with the previous TRMB series, the TRMX is 10% lighter. The volume is 10-20% smaller. These two features permit fast and less expensive installations. Maximum flexibility for handling the sealing liquid. In std. condition the TRMX series requires up to 40% less sealing fluid flow compared with the previous TRMB series, ensuring a big saving in the operating cost. In the applications where is required the possibility to aspirate big sealing liquid flow, pumps are supplied with enhanced higher sealing liquid flow capability Inox port plate with laser cut port profiles. This solution make the port plate free from wear and the laser cut ports guarantee the execution of the best performing designed profiles. Very noticeable the increase of the pump working economy Innovative anti-cavitation system derived from the TRVX series. The injection port is located very close to the suction port improving the highest operational vacuum level and guarantee higher efficiency all over the pump vacuum range. With this solution the pump operational cost is reduced in a sensible way.
TRMX 257
TRMB 25-30
TRMB 32-50
TRM 32-75
TRMB 40-110
TRMB 40-150
TRMB 40-200
TRMB 50-300