Pompetravaini Spa

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15 September 2021

First time, every time!


26 January 2021

The new year just started and despite the adverse global situation, our 92nd “new” ...

Season's Greetings


22 December 2020

Pompetravaini thanks you for the trust and interest shown over the years and offers you ...

Lombardy region in COVID-19 the “red zone”, Pompetravaini in the “red zone”


06 November 2020

Dear All, We are fine and we hope it’s the same for all of You. Lombardy region, where we ...

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate renewed until 2023


21 October 2020

Pompetravaini reconfirms its high professionalism and propensity for continuous ...

“Continuous improvement”, not only a slogan.


18 September 2020

More than a slogan is a "Mantra" for us, meaning a train of thought. During our summer ...

Holiday closing 2020


31 July 2020

Dear All, Pompetravaini factory will be closed from August 3rd to August 28th. We will ...

Pompetravaini: “My first 1000 Followers on LinkedIn”


24 July 2020

We reached this small goal in five months when we started to work actively on our LinkedIn ...

Pompetravaini Has Now Its Internal Customs


22 June 2020

In Pompetravaini the internal Customs is now operative. It took longer than expected due ...

Thanks to our Smart-Workers!


12 May 2020

Thank You to our Global Smart-Working Team that, for over 8 weeks, is ensuring the best ...

Thanks to our Team!


12 May 2020

Thank You to our Factory Team in Italy that was working up to last week to deliver the ...

5th May 2020 - Update on Operations


05 May 2020

From this week Pompetravaini Production and Shipping/Receiving is working in full for ...

15th April 2020 - Updates on Operations


15 April 2020

This week Pompetravaini Production and Shipping/Receiving will be partially working for ...

6th April 2020 - Update on Operations


06 April 2020

Today at Pompetravaini Italy we re-started production and shipments. Despite our ...

23rd March 2020 - Update on Operations


23 March 2020

First of all, Pompetravaini Staff and families are in good health! We are living complex ...