Pompetravaini Spa

Update on Operations

23rd March 2020


23 March 2020

First of all, Pompetravaini Staff and families are in good health!

We are living complex times with several difficulties in a continuously evolving scenario. The new decree-law of yesterday, March 22nd, will stop our production and shipping operations until April 3rd.

Our Team is working under stress with the strict safety rules to follow and with the media alternating bad and good news. We are a strong and committed team and we can only be grateful one to each other.

We are allowed in the next two/three days only to complete the shipments of the available goods  and for which we have positive feedbacks for delivering from Customers and Forwarding Agents.

Our Customer Service, Sales, Quality, Administration and Procurement departments  will continue to work and assist You in Smart-Working  way.

Because there is the exception to close for the essential activities to maintaining the country’s strategic supply chain, there could be the possibility Pompetravaini will be called back to produce and assemble pumps.

In such case we’ll promptly inform You.

COVID-19 is now a worldwide issue, we wish all of You to go through it in the best possible way. Stay safe!