Pompetravaini Spa

In Memory of Domenico Gemmiti


05 October 2023

With a mixture of sadness and sorrow, we must inform you of the passing of our dear friend Domenico Gemmiti, known as Dominic throughout the Pompetravaini family.

He left us all too swiftly after concluding his four-decade collaboration with the Travaini family, an adventure that officially began during the memorable snowstorm of '85 when he and Mario Travaini shook hands to launch what would become Pompetravaini's first overseas branch in Canada: Travaini Premier Fluid Systems.

"To me, Dominic was more than just a friend; he was an exemplary and trusted partner" shared Carlo Travaini. "I learned plenty of knowledge about liquid ring vacuum pump technology from him. Our dinners always concluded with napkins filled with sketches and ideas. Throughout dinner, our conversation was dominated by technical discussions and his incredible story... and only a fine beer helped remind us that it was time to turn in!"

For those who had the privilege of meeting him in person, Dominic undoubtedly left behind cherished memories and a unique sense of respect. For those who never had the opportunity to meet him personally, it's important to know that he was and will forever remain a significant part of Pompetravaini's history.

Thank you, Dominic. Tonight, we'll raise a toast to you, filled with joy and your ever-delightful Italian humor and accent.