Pompetravaini Spa

Lombardy region in COVID-19 the “red zone”, Pompetravaini in the “red zone”


06 November 2020

Dear All,

We are fine and we hope it’s the same for all of You.

Lombardy region, where we are in Italy, it’s been declared COVID-19 “red zone”. This is sad for all people with symptoms as well for the businesses that are now impacted in their activities. No doubts there will be an economical effect for us all in the mid-long term.

At the moment we have no restrictions in our operations and we are working 100% with the usual strength and efficiency. We thank all our Customers and Partners that are giving us trust and more energy in doing our activities.

We like to think that we are in the red zone for the color of our logo that indicates passion and energy in staying ahead in the best possible way, something we have been doing for over 90 years!