Pompetravaini Spa

Training in Pompetravaini

Guests in Pompetravaini to learn the “secrets” of pump maintenance


19 February 2020

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting pump technicians from two very important customers.

The companies these gentlemen represent are very different but have one common denominator: both companies use the pumps we make, centrifugal pumps in various configurations, and liquid ring vacuum pumps. This lead to a natural collaboration with our colleagues in the assembly dept. who were able to apply, better than anyone else, all the tips and tricks to approach the maintenance of our pumps in the most proficient way.

The training session lasted the whole day. Our visitors were so encouraged by the contagious enthusiasm of our employees that they even worked for most of the lunch break.

At the end of the day, a personalized official Pompetravaini plaque was given to our guests for their proactive attendance.

This is an example of the many training classes, at different levels, that we hold here in Pompetravaini for customers and distributors who want to share in our 91 years of experience in the world of industrial pumps.