Pompetravaini Spa


The monostage centrifugal pumps are principally for chemical and petrochemical applications and used on almost all the plants. The new design and the wide sizing of the bearing housings allows high reliability and minimum maintenance while the special design of hydraulic profiles for the impeller and the casing allows to reach high efficiencies and low NPSH in any application. The pumps are standardized according to ISO 2858/DIN 24256 standards and the manufacturing program includes three bearing frame sizes of the “Back pull-out” type; the pump casing is of the spiral type with axial suction flange; the impeller is of the radial type with overhang mounting. 

Technical Details

  • Handling clean or slightly contaminated liquids, hot, superheated, acidic and caustic in chemical industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, environmental, steel, textile, etc.
  • Capacity up to 1200 m3 /h and heads to 6 bar.
  • Materials of construction are numerous, from cast iron to hastelloys.
  • High hydraulic efficiencies and low NPSH requirements.
  • Shaft sealing by packed stuffing box, single or double mechanical seals (ISO 3069/UNI EN 12756) with every installation option per API requirements.
  • Pump casing and seal housing can be provided with heating or cooling chambers, as needed.