Pompetravaini Spa


Monoblock single-stage centrifugal pumps with closed impeller.

Built according to ISO standard 2858 and 5199 these sturdy and reliable pumps are available at low price coupled with the easy operation of monobloc units. 

The series TCHM of Travaini is of the highest quality, with attractive prices to the chemical and industry in general.

Technical Details

  • The connections are flanged to UNI2223-2229 NP16 standard. Liquids up to 140 °C can be handled. These pumps can cover a wider range of duties and applications than ordinary monoblock pumps and those pumps which are stamped out of sheet metal.
  • Shrouded type impellers are suitable for handling either clean or contaminated liquid.
  • The pump casings, impellers and casing covers are the same as for TCH series. This reduces inventory costs and the provision of spare parts at reduced prices.
  • Capacity up to 500 m3/h and head up to 10 bar.