Pompetravaini Spa


Multistage self-priming centrifugal pumps with low NPSH.

Technical Details

  • These pumps derive from the TBH series with an additional centrifugal stage at the suction side.
  • TBA pumps have extremely low NPSH requirements and are particularly suitable for handling boiling liquids and difficult applications. This design is especially suited to handle liquids with entrained gases and liquified gases such as LPG.
  • TBA series have performances, design and duty characteristics as the TBH series. Pump components are interchangeable thus reducing the need to stock spare parts for both series.
  • Capacity up to 35 m3/h and head up to 40 bar.

Special Constructions

For the transport of corrosive, toxic, polluting and foul-smelling liquids and in all cases in which there should be no leak to the outside, the TBAK version with magnetic drive obtained from the TBA is also available.