Pompetravaini Spa


Multistage centrifugal pumps with closed impellers.

Technical Details

  • The impellers are in series so that the head increases as the liquid being pumped is transferred from each impeller.
  • The axial thrusts are balanced by balancing blades on the back of the impeller. The remaining thrust forces are absorbed by the heavy duty single ball bearing at the non-drive end and angular bearings at the drive end.
  • For pump designs that have two external bearings, a pressure pipe is provided to relieve pressures in the seal area from the discharge side of the pump to the suction side.
  • The TMA pump design uses the latest foundry technologies. This allows for one piece components which effectively increases pump efficiencies, at the same time, reducing the weight of the pump without sacrifing the overall strenght and durability.
  • Capacity from 1 to 45 m3/h and head from 4 to 40 bar.

Special Constructions

For the smaller TMA 31 & 32 series a close coupled design is available where space is limited. This design also eliminates any concerns for misalignment, which will enhance the pump’s performance and extend the overall life of the pump.