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HydroTwin is the new series of compact high vacuum packages that guarantee a working vacuum level up to 5 mbar and capacities up to 2500 m3/ h.


The coupling between the liquid ring pump and the booster is controller by the DVD2, a proprietary PLC that optimizes their operation, starting from atmospheric pressure and up to maximum vacuum, following a series of easily settable parameters.

Technical Details

  • The combination of Roots, LRVP and DVD2 minimizes the installed and absorbed power in the application. In comparison with the traditional systems, the saving is considerable and can be in the range of 30-40%.
  • Total protection against booster seizure that can be caused by overheating that can be caused when its operation is outside the allowed limits.Temperature control is performed by monitoring the compression ratios.
  • The Roots RPM are controlled by means of an inverter that receives the signals from a PLC. Hydrotwin ensures plant optimization with the best possible efficiency.
  • The package design has been done with the target to enable maximum efficiency in the smaller possible space. The overall Hydrotwin dimensions give ample installation possibilities.
  • In case of "on the fly" adjustments, the PLC (DVD2) installed is user friendly. It takes a few seconds to recall and change the most important parameters. This is ensuring the possibility to always run the production at best efficiency.
  • It is possible to set and maintain the desired vacuum level, optimizing the quality and minimizing waste in those processes where mainaining the vacuum level stability is very important to get the final product.
  • Hydrotwin is ready to use: all necessary settings have already been made at our factory. Possible adjustments, if needed, do not require qualified technicians. It takes a minute to change the few main parameters.
  • Capacity up to 2500 m3/h and head up to 5 mbar.