Pompetravaini Spa


OilPack represents the best solution for compactness, efficiency and functionality in the installation of total recirculation liquid-ring (oil) vacuum pumps.


The pump is mounted on a single skid that acts as a gas/oil separator and, thanks to an integrated air-cooled radiator, allows the maintenance of optimal operating temperatures. The level of the operating liquid in the middle of the pump guarantees safe start-up and regular operation in all conditions, even at low vacuum.

Technical Details

  • Application in various sectors.
  • Better performance in terms of vacuum, flow rate and absorbed power.
  • Very compact dimensions that simplify maintenance operations.
  • Limited noise.
  • Much lower working temperature than other vacuum technologies used.
  • It can suck in gases with particulates without being damaged.
  • Any accessories can be installed easily, thus being able to customize the sustem to meet the most varies system requirements.
  • Capacity up to 250 m3/h.