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OilSys is an engineered system for the installation of a total recirculation liquid-ring vacuum pump that uses mineral oil (or similar) as operating liquid, in order to guarantee maximum flow rate and vacuum performance higher than those allowed by water.
It is composed of:

  • Liquid-ring vacuum pump
  • Separator tank which also works as a frame
  • Heat exchanger
  • Oil demister filter


The gas handled by the vacuum pump is discharged with some of the service oil into the special frame which acts as gas/oil separator and allows separation from the oil of any evacuated condensables.
The oil is returned to the vacuum pump by means of a circulation pump after being cooled through the heat exchanger.
The gas is vented after being filtered of any oil through the specially engineered oil demister filter. A pressure gauge at the filter housing will indicate over pressure when the oil demister filter is plugged and needs replacement.

Technical Details

  • Complete vacuum package self-cooled with full recycle of oil
  • Applied in industries such as brick and ceramics manufacturing, leather and wood processing, packaging and food processing etc.
  • No water or other cooling liquids required.
  • Vented air free of oil "smoke" or fumes.
  • Capacity to handle gases with suspended particles.
  • Rotating parts have no metal to metal contact and do not require any lubrication.
  • Low noise level and low vibration.
  • Shut-off vacuum < 10 mbar.
  • Turn key and compact packages.
  • Custom adaptation to meet specific installation and requirements.
  • Rugged construction with maximum dependability.
  • Contrary to rotary vane pumps, these liquid-ring vacuum pumps do not require lubrication, therefore contamination of oil by condensables or solid particles is not damaging.
  • Inspection openings are strategically located at the separator tank-frame to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
  • Capacity up to 1500 m3/h.